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Bayside Tax & Wealth provides unparalleled personalized investment and tax services to clients across Long Island, New York, and beyond. As your financial planners, we ensure that your financial decisions are made carefully and with your best interests in mind. We are ready and able to serve as your financial advisor, tax planner, and guide along your path to success.

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Personal Tax Preparation

Income Tax Planning & Projections

Proactive tax projections to save you money

Very often our clients come us and describe the relationship with their tax preparer is based on a single day of the year, December 31st. The problem with thinking about your taxes when the tax forms come in is that you can not do anything to change it.

We work with our clients all year long collecting relevant tax information so we can be proactive and help them minimize their taxes when they file.

Income Tax Filing

Individual, Married, Schedule C, Rental Properties

Leveraging our tax projections and the work we do during year, filing your taxes will never be easier and more accurate.

Using new technology to track which documents we need, when they've been submitted, and where we are in the process, any stress you may have about filing your taxes will ease away.

We also create a bank level secure online vault for you to store your taxes documents and returns so if they are needed for a mortgage, business loan, or anything else they are only a few clicks away.

If you'd like to be proactive with your tax planning, get in touch today.

Does filling your taxes make you stressed? Do you want a more streamlined process and secure method to file your taxes each year. Set up a time speak with us.


Cash Flow, Savings, Insurance

The first item we need to understand when working with a new family is their cash flow. Most of our clients do not have a budget, most also do not know how much they spend on average each month or for the year. That is OK.

Understanding how much is coming in and how much is going out helps us determine all other aspects of your financial plan. The more coming in, the greater your savings, the more going out, the greater your insurance needs.*

We do not put most of our clients on budgets, but we do make them aware of their spending.

If you'd like to get a better handle on your month to month or year to year spending, set up a time to speak with us.


College, Retirement, New Career

Once we have a full understanding of your cash flow, and a have a picture of your current assets, we can run projections to help answer questions such as:

When can I retire?

How do we pay for our children's college?

Can we afford a second home?

I'd like to start my own company, is that possible?

Through our long term projections we can help you answer these questions and run a side-by-side analysis of any "What If.." scenario you can come up with.

What to know - How much do I need? We can help answer that.


Estate Planning

Unfortunately even the best plans have to come to an end one day. With our projections and your wishes we can help you and your attorney put together an estate plan that accomplishes your last set of goals.

Whether is setting up Trusts that may out live even your children, charitable giving plans, or even taking care of the family pets, we've seen it all, and keep track of it. With a quick annual estate review you'll always know your last wishes today will be executed, not your wishes from when your first child was born.

Do you need an estate plan, or would you like a review before seeing an attorney, reach out.

Retirement Account Investments

IRA's, 401k, 403b, Roth's and profit sharing plans

One of the largest assets our clients typically have outside their homes is their retirement accounts. Start saving early and regularly with your companies 401k, 403b or other retirement plan and having $1,000,000 in the account at retirement is an attainable goal.

The biggest mistake we see when looking at retirement accounts is the overall allocation. These investments grow tax deferred, Roth accounts grow tax free, so the investments inside these accounts should be tax inefficient, investments that generate short-term capital gains and taxable interest.

Feel like you have too much or too little cash, reach out and we can help you determine the right amount.

Non-Retirement Investments

Brokerage Accounts, Rental Properties, 529 Plans

Our clients often have investments outside of their retirement accounts, accumulating additional savings to help reach shorter terms goals - A vacation home, children's college tuition, or maybe they'd like to buy a rental property or if they're retired using these assets to supplement their income.

Understanding the risk of these investments, the tax considerations and liquidity of the investments is key in building a well diversified portfolio across all of your investments.

Feel like you have too much or too little cash, reach out and we can help you determine the right amount.

Cash Reserves

Checking, Savings, CD's

Having an appropriate amount of cash available to meet your spending needs and other short term goals will allow you to sleep well at night when cash is soon to be needed, and work harder for you when you have excess.

Our clients often feel reluctant to invest extra cash, especially when the market has been volatile, and often delay raising cash for short term needs with the hope of making a slightly higher return. In our experience, both of these scenarios create more heartburn than investment returns.

Feel like you have too much or too little cash, reach out and we can help you determine the right amount.