Initial Review Call

Getting Organized

High Level Review Call

Plan Review & Recommendations

10 Minutes

30 Minutes

Provide us with some basic information about your current financial situation and goals.

During this initial call we will discuss what is keeping you up at night, dig deeper into the questionnaire and discuss our wealth planning service and philosophy.

90 Minutes

30 Minutes

During our get organized meeting we will introduce you to your personal wealth management website and our secure document tracking software.

We will fill out a risk tolerance questionnaire and discuss your short term and long term goals.

During the high level review call we review all the current information we've accumulated so far, discuss outstanding items and present you with an initial action item list.

90 Minutes

During this meeting we will discuss all of our current action items, reports and projections.

We'll discuss our recommendations on steps that can be taken now to help you reach your goals as well as topics that will be relveant to discuss in the future.

Calls & Annual Meetings

30 - 90 Minutes

We will be in touch on a regular basis about your overall planning, but we encourage our clients to reach out anytime.

In addition to the regular conversions we have an annual review meeting to determine how you did during the last year and what steps we'll be taking this year to